Deana Graham Photography | The Photography Session

The Photography Session

I like to remember things about when my kids were tiny, like how Molly always went to sleep with a cloth diaper covering her face, the way Emma always walked around with bags hanging from each arm or the way Harry had those funny, curly hairs that stuck up, right on the top of his head.  I love those memories!  

Once, when Harry was sitting for a portrait, the photographer asked me to wet Harry’s hair and help it stay down.  I was appalled!  Though the photographer thought I was crazy, I treasure the picture with Harry’s hair sticking straight up.  That is precisely what I want to capture when I take a photograph - the real stuff, the funny stuff, the way we actually look.

My sessions are fun!  The parts of life we want to remember are the good times, so photographing them must be enjoyable.  We can discuss options for locations and settle on a place that is meaningful to you and provides good lighting and surroundings for us both.  I prefer to be a natural light photographer, so mornings and evenings are optimal times.  In preparation for your session, begin to take notice of photographs that appeal to you.  If you would like, feel free to email or bring me photos that you love.  

An average session lasts between one and two hours, allowing for easy movement during our time.  

After our time together, please allow two weeks for the images to be edited.  At that time, between 25 and 45 images will be uploaded to a password-protected private gallery on this site for you to view and purchase.