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Welcome to the NCTS Photo Club Page!  

I'll post items here from time to time for you to think about.  You can check them out and practice what you learn here.  Get your parents and siblings involved, too!  Photography is fun, and there is always more to learn!  The great thing is that you can have fun and take awesome photos immediately and then you can just keep getting better!  Challenge yourself to try new things.  Digital cameras give us the ability to take many photos, even if we only choose one of them!  Just keep practicing.  The best thing you can do to be a better photographer is to keep taking photos.  Take photos all of the time and then look at them carefully.  What do you like about your photos?  What would you change?  The more photos you take, the more you will learn!


A basic concept that will really help your photos be more effective is the "RULE OF THIRDS."  Click on the link below to find out all about this rule.  After you carefully read the information, go practice.  It's fun!  Take some photos with your subject, person or object right in the middle of your photo.  Then take some photos with the subject on one of the "intersections" of the lines you read about on the info. page.  I think you'll find that you like the ones where your subject is off-centered.  Science actually tells us that the human eye is drawn to those intersecting places on the photo.  Practice, practice, practice and watch your photos become more interesting!



                                                                                                Learn about the RULE OF THIRDS!                




PERSPECTIVE!  Remember all of the ways we talked about that you can change how your photo will look.  Think about your perspective - where are you standing?  Are you below your subject to make your subject seem larger?  Are you above your subject to make it seem smaller?  Can you change your photo by shooting from one side or the other?  Play with it - keep changing your position and see how that changes your final shot.  

After you've spent some time on different perspectives, then you are ready to have some fun!  Check out these photos and then think of different things that you can try to 'change reality.'  Be creative!  





This is a fun website for young photographers - check out some of the projects and try one or two.  Remember, the more photos you take, the better you get!  This site is just for kids with cameras - no grown ups!  (: